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High Gloss Metal Panels

Real Stone

Hand Painted Logs

Touch Screen Control Panel


All of our floating fireplaces arrive at your home fully assembled.

Theres no need to bring in a team of contractors its that easy. Simply install the mounting bracket using the drywall plugs then hang the fireplace.

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Vegas 72 Machining

High Quality Spray Finishing

Vegas 72 Media Set Production


Why choose an Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are a more affordable way to add the comforts of a fireplace to your home. Even higher-end electric fireplace models will prove to be a more cost-effective solution than a wood-burning or natural gas fireplace setup.

You can use an electric fireplace all year round even when it gets warmer, your electric fireplace will serve a valuable function. To enjoy the ambiance boost that a fireplace provides without the heat production, simply turn off your electric fireplace’s heat function.

The flames will continue to display, and you will be able to achieve that cozy, inviting feel in your room during the late spring or summer. And with the heat off, an electric fireplace will cost you barely anything to run.

Electric fireplaces are a much safer option and give you greater control over how your fireplace operates. You’ll have zero worries about the harmful gasses and fires raging out of control that can potentially occur with conventional fireplaces.

The design possibilities are almost limitless, and you’ll appreciate the freedom that comes with matching your electric fireplace to your home’s architectural and design style.

With electric fireplaces, you can create a more welcoming and cosy atmosphere and of course, when the weather gets a little chilly, they can quickly and effectively heat the place up for you.