Floor Standing Electric Suites

gemini Alaska logs 2

Alaska Electric Suite


Arad Electric Suite


Atlanta Electric Suite


Kansas Electric Suite

Nervana & Marfil bowl

Navarna – Cream

Nervana - Diamond White

Navarna – White



Gemini Oakland

Rimmini Electric Suite

Sorrento white white bowl

Sorrento Electric Suite

Sorrento hole in the wall

Sorrento H.I.W

Best choices of electric fireplaces from Evolution Fires

Electric fireplaces are fast replacing the traditional hearths. Why? Because 

  • Mantels look impressive;
  • Typical fireplaces demand too much work, space and of course lots of money;
  • Electric hearths are a big convenience – the absence of real flames, smoke, and gas is a big plus point in favor of this mantelpiece.
  • Unlike its conventional counterpart, the suite does not require high maintenance. Cost-effective, longer lifespan, easy to install, energy-efficient, can be used all year-round, and most of all come with promised safety features.

So, to truly and justly keep the ambience pleasant indoors, look for the best electric fireplaces from Evolution Fires. We bring to you some of the choicest designs of large fireplaces, small fireplaces, andmirrored hearths in different make, design, and colors, adding greater value to your homes. Choose us to enrich the look and feel of the interiors of your place, be it your living room or bedroom.

Long fireplaces from Evolution Fires command a distinct presence in the indoors, instantly transforming the décor while the warmth can spread out to the furthermost corners of the room.

Small fireplaces from Evolution Fires are the perfect floor standing suites for a small apartment or a room with lesser space.

Mirrored electric fireplaces are the best mantel that serves the purpose efficiently. There is an even coverage on the long and small fireplaces with the front and the back fully mirrored.

Evolution Fires offer innovative fireplace solutions that are designed to save energy and costs and augment indoors.