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3 Sided Empire 44 – Steel

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3 Sided Empire 44 – Walnut

3-sided electric fireplace from Evolution Fires – Adding new dimension to your living space

The conventional fireplace always holds a special place, but how many of us can afford to burn wood these days! Not many, especially knowing that wood is a natural resource that is running short and not quite a sustainable solution. Thus, the 3-sided electric fireplace is one of the most effective ways to replace the traditional fireplaces with a modern new looking one with multiple additional features.

Evolution Fires present its exclusive range of 3-sided electric fireplaces because our products are designed and engineered to outperform the functional and aesthetic appeal of a conventional hearth. Plus, they have been blessed with virtues of safety, in and out. From being a decorative piece to warming your place with a drop in temperatures, there are innumerable ways that Evolution Fires can prove to be the right place to look from an extensive range of mantelpieces.

If the fireplace is on your wish list, then you need to know what works and what does not – the traditional wood-burning hearth may no longer be practical – it may be risky and banned in your area. We have the right solution. Evolution Fires 3-sided electric fireplace is the perfect sensible solution that will give lots of peace of mind and, of course, the desired look to your living room.

3-sided electric fireplace from Evolution Fires

In a 3-dimensional space, our energy-efficient electric hearths are bay-styled with natural flames. No more tensions about vent pipes, our trimness 3-sided electric fireplace can be installed easily onto the wall adding a new dimension to your living space. A true beauty enhancer of the interiors of your personal space!